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We designed the KRX High doors with style and function in mind.

Made from a combination of .090 and .125 aluminum, these doors are light weight but strong enough to take some abuse. Made right here in Kentucky, no China parts! Offered in Raw, Matte black, or KRX Factory colors so you can achieve the look you are after. These are a bolt on outer skin for your factory door frames. We partnered with Brute Performance to offer a high quality set of replacement door bushings to allow these doors to latch smoother then factory! 

Speakers will fit but will need an aftermarket spacer to have clearance from the outer door skin 

These do require some light modification to your factory door latch mechanism. If this concerns you please watch the install video thoroughly below!  

Each machine is assembled and ridden differently, aftermarket cages can effect how the doors fit the machine. rollovers, hard hits and normal wear and tear can cause interference with the doors and the plastics as things move overtime, some modifications may be required!

These are made to order. They can take 2 weeks or more to ship. Please keep that in mind when ordering!

Installation video can be found here: (COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR WEB BROWSER OR CLICK HERE:)